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November 2018 Our School Visits


PALAMUT GROUP has visited  270 schools in Şanlıurfa within the scope of its social responsibility project ‘Everything for Education ’. Palamut Group went to Suruç, Siverek and Hilvan regions between November 7 and 10 as part of the project and supplied winter jackets and boots for thousands of students. With its project Everything for Education that has been implemented together with Rabve Foundation Palamut Group has already reached 270 schools and 60.000 students in only 3 years although the numbers was planned to be reached in 5 years. 

Recep Palamut, who stated that they had visited 3 towns, 63 villages and 270 schools in Şanlıurfa so far said: “It is an invaluable happiness to contribute to the education of hundreds of bright students in 270 schools in Şanlıurfa. Last year, we provided clothing and shoes to 20,000 students, and our aids continue this year without slowing down. While our support for disadvantaged areas is increasing, we also care to ensure that our assistance is within a sustainable model.”

The President of the Board of Directors Recep Palamut underlined that they have reached 270 schools including the 20 schools visited in Hilvan and Suruç, and 60,000 students in 3 years instead of 5 under the ”Everything for Education” project said: “We are using every means available and all the opportunities we have for the “Everything for Education“ project which we have realized in order to realize the dreams of children who live under difficult conditions and whose only wish is to keep on their education. It is a great pride for both us and our country to have a share in them having a profession in the future.”


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