About Us - Palamut Group

Palamut Group has a rooted commercial experience for more than 60 years. With this long years exprience, we produce right and productive solutions to our customers in many industries that we specialize, starting from the shoes industry to textile industry, from leathercraft to automotive supply industry. After 1994 we made a strategic change by going into retailing with our new generation managers. Our past in commercial area was strengthened with high quality service and was brought up to date by making innovations with the new management and operation team. Both for making new studies in production area and diversifying suppliers, we built business and solution partnerships in many countries starting from Germany to Italy, from far east countries to Spain.

With this solution and business partnerships, we tend to put into service the worldwide high quality proved products, the innovations that were made with big amount of budgets for research and development studies, and latest technologies for Turkish Industry.

In this sense, Palamut Group accomplishes its responsibility for Turkey by contributing to Turkish Brands’ quailty that were sold to the ultimate users.

Our business and solution partnerships are:

  • Bartoli / ITALY,
  • Texon INTERNATIONAL / Germany – ITALY,
  • Kenda FARBEN / ITALY,
  • Garde / ITALYA,
  • Overmec / ITALY
  • Q&Q / Thailand

As it may seen and known, solution and business partners are selected companies that are the best in their areas and with their products they support the worldwide brands from backstage.


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