HR Policy - Palamut Group

As Palamut Group, we have learned very well that: Human Resources is a function that affects the destiny of the business firm for real. The human resource that affects our service quality and efficiency directly and that is the most essential resource makes us place too much stress on it also by reason of the fact that it develops method and system, it uses all our resources like material, location, energy, machine,time including money.

The task description of each position is clear and net in our organizational structure and the minimum qualifications for our relevant employee to perform this task descriptions properly are certain.

When we need human resource, being appropriate for these task descriptions and qualifications, the applicants who want to work with us;

  • At first they are subjected to have a pre-interview with our Human Resources or director.
  • After pre-interviews, personality inventories are applied under the control of our company management consultants.
  • The appropriate candidates have a one on one interview with management consultants.
  • They are decided on after the final interview with senior management itself.
  • From sales personnel to consignment representative and from white-collar to finance personnel all the candidates who have been decided on are subjected to an orientation program which is prepared professionally and seriously and which continues 2-4 weeks before the actual place of duty.
  • Fitting the bill, every year operative personal development education is given by skilled acknowledged experts.

Our main purpose in all these works is to have employees who are rightly decided and educated, rightly directed, happy, motivated, and satisfied with the needs and who will work with us for many years.

As Palamut Group, we invest first in human,then machine and building for the last…


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