Puntali Fiore (ICM)

PUNTALI FIORE (ICM) / ROBERTO PALMIERI:  “TPU is the one with the best mechanical and physical properties.

The cooperation between the two companies has strengthened thanks to reciprocal trust and the achieved common goals for the last three years. The innovative approach specific to every accomplished company helped us to develop our TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) Films. What is TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) Film? TPU is a polymer relatively new into footwear market but its characteristics make it an extremely interesting material to work with. Basically it represents the conjunction ring between hard thermoplastics and rubbers. On the one hand, thermoplastics are plastics that can be deformed plastically under the influence of heat even after their hardening. Rubbers, on the other hand, is very elastic and exhibits good adhesion without sticking. TPU combines a multitude of those strengths characterizing thermoplastic materials on the one side and rubbers on the other. This variety of TPU Film was first developed to ease coloring of the injected PU soles and to manufacture more esthetic products in cooperation with Main Group, one of the leading outsole machine producers of Italy. Later on, the versatility of TPU led development of various applications. For example, it can be applied to all kind of versatile and resistant products such as shoe-uppers, bags and jackets, furniture. Thermoplastic polyurethanes are high-tech materials with a unique combination of very useful properties such as: high elasticity over the entire hardness range, intrinsically soft without plasticizers, flexibility over a wide range of temperatures. Compared with other elastomers used into footwear market, TPU is the one with the best mechanical and physical properties. Furthermore our TPU Films can be colored in wide variety of tones, all of them are waterproof and some of them might be breathable at the same time, can be mono layer or laminated with hot melt adhesive or different textiles. What are your targest? Our target is ambitious as we are trying to anticipate what we believe to be a future trend of the market. The technology of extrusion, several years ago, has revolutionized our everyday life. Today this revolution is going ahead developing performing polymers like TPU. What will be your message to your users? What I would say to the potential users of the product? Keep using TPU Films!

5 points of why TPU is important in production?

• TPU has the best mechanic and physical properties compared to other elastomers used in shoe market.

• Can be colored in various hues

• Waterproof •Air permeability versions are available

• Can be used in footwear, leathercraft, furnishing industries


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