Having the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Awareness

Businesses shall always have a structure that contributes and adds value to the society they are in.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is firstly a part of the respect, love and value we attribute to the society in which we live as citizens. Actually, each citizen shall adopt this as an awareness of responsibility and a sense of mission, as humanistic values for the society in which s/he lives. We share the land we live on, the air we breathe with others and therefore, being aware of this situation to be able to pursue a peaceful life of a better quality will also bring the respect, love and value against this society we live in. Social responsibility is a mentality that every firm should have. Being able to reach to this awareness is about the management power and sustainability of this management power of a company. In this respect, sustainability is the way a company advances taking economic, social and environmental dynamics into account and taking steps that will positively affect the economic development, human life and ecological balance within the interaction of these three dynamics with one another. It is the culture, the reputation, the transparency and the credibility of the institution; it presents the behaviour and life style of the institution as a whole. For this reason, today the “Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Awareness” has become quite important for particularly large-scale companies to develop their reputation over their clients, employees, shareholders and public opinion. Today people are more aware of everything and therefore, their expectations from the companies vary. What is important now is not only the production quality and products, but society also expects that companies to be sensitive to environmental and social issues and contribute to the society. Consumers and the shareholders of the company within the sector as well pay more attention and give priority to such companies. The happiness the companies that pay attention and respond to the expectations of the society create within the society results in for them to have happier employees, happier clients and therefore happier shareholders. In fact, there are four essential responsibility expected from a corporate company; being economic, effective and profitable, complying with the laws, to comply with social norms and expectations beyond the ethical rules, voluntarily contribute to the solutions of the social problems. As for corporate social responsibility, it covers the last two items directly and all of them indirectly. The senior management of the companies with an effective “Corporate Social Responsibility” awareness are expected to take the lead in this matter, to define their social shareholders and this definition for themselves, to perform its activities in this matter with a result-oriented approach and to be credible about what are being done. Companies that pay attention to corporate social responsibility make important gains. The gains that are determined as a result of the studies conducted can be listed as follows: (1) the brand values and therefore the market values of these companies increase; (2) the opportunity to attract, motivate and keep the more qualified personnel emerges; (3) the potential of corporate learning and creativity increases; (4) as an opportunity to reach to the investors with particular sensitivity in these matters, both the share values increase and the borrowing costs decrease; (5) important advantages are gained in entering the new markets and ensuring client loyalty; (6) increases in effectivity and quality are observed; (7) risk management becomes more effective and; (8) making the public and the rule makers pay attention to the opinions of the company is ensured. Our Approach to Corporate Social Responsibility as Palamut Group As Palamut Group family, we continue to offer services for the economic development of our country with the steps we take for the development of the sectors we are active in. together with all of our business partners and employees, we endeavour for the development of our society, our sector and our national economy. As a part of the national economy, even during the negative occurrences lived in our country, we continue our works for the welfare of our society without slowing down. We try to answer the needs of the sector as effectively and efficiently as we can and in the same time, we do not keep our corporate citizenship understanding in the background. For a more liveable world, alongside the economic contributions we provide, we also do not forget our responsibilities against the environment and humankind. We look out for the practices we perform with the corporate social responsibility awareness particularly in educational and medical areas to provide permanent and positive outcomes for our society. With the project we launched with the name “Everything for Education”, we contribute to the educations of the children in the Eastern part of the country who continues their studies under challenging conditions. Besides, by establishing wells in the villages with water supply problems, we continue to resolve the water problem for many village schools. While actualising all these projects, we always act together with our employees. By going to the supported locations together, we share the happiness of supporting the students and the society. With the strength we get from the welfare and happiness of our society, we move on to our new objectives. We believe that the solution to live in a safe and peaceful society is in the power of each of us and we will always endeavour to perform our responsibilities in this respect.


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