Bartoli - Duralite


Bartoli is continuing the higher quality red fibre board competition which started in Turkey with the Palamut Group. In 2002 Bartoli decided to make a new investment on their 3rd paperboard machinery in order to produce a special fibre for the footwear industry, the DURALITE®. Due to the increasing market demand, the production capacity doubled in 2012. Today DURALITE® is produced from 0.8 mm to 1.5 mm, either in rolls or in sheets. The project is very ambitious for couple of reasons. On production side the technology is quite different from the standard shang boards and, on the market side; we are speaking of a range of price product of 3-4 times in comparison with a standard shang board. The main driver of this project is that this new item really matches the Bartoli policy, absolutely, that can be reassumed as follows:

 • To establish a reference point for the industries of the footwear sector for the quality and versatility of its service and production to position its brand as a synonym of quality and reliability

 • To achieve the best consistency of quality of cardboard. Bartoli believed strongly in this project, because we realized that some pioneer customers were looking for shoes and insoles of higher quality, which played an important role. Considering these challenging times due to the intense competition led by the low cost footwear producer China, Bartoli noticed that a new special demand pioneered by some leading companies was about to grow first for İtalian and then for other European markets. Suddenly the main Italian brands such has Prada, Miou Miou, Gucci, Ferragamo, Dolce&Gabbana, Fendi, Christian Louboutin, Tod’s, etc., approved the new and innovative fibra and also with new investments in technology on the insoles factories, in a few years, high performing insoles arrived on the market. Turkey was one of those countries that joined this run towards higher quality insoles. Bartoli decided to continue this competition with Palamut Group in Turkey. Following this cooperation the volume rapidly increased at the end of 90’s and Palamut Group has always been a global sales leader in the sector. We had to wait until the second quarter of the year 2000 in order to penetrate in the Turkish market with DURALITE®, due to the high end price. These years have been so important for the Turkish footwear quality (and quantity) growth. The Turkish shoe market has become the most attractive market for DURALITE® and all our shank boards. This success was mainly due to the particular mechanical properties of the DURALITE®. Furthermore, thanks to the strong skills of the Palamut group sales team, we were able to explain and show all the benefits of this innovative fibra to the customers. Recently, the Bartoli company has signed an agreement to apply for the environmental management ISO 14001 certificate that will be achieved in second half of 2017


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