An Innovational Elastomeric Film: Kali- Palamutgroup

Kali is an innovational elastomeric film that was developed by Industria Chimica Mediterranea. It has extremely good mechanic features like taking part within TPU-thermoplastic polyurethane, resistance against high stretching, tearing and abrasion. The name of Hindu goddess that is the symbol of various characteristics has been given to the product. Like Kali who is noncelestial , produced by ICM. Each sections of Indian divinity, in fact, represents a sector that is used by Kali. Kali, is an application that ensures to enhance the resistance against abrasion, clutch and outer view in order to cover polyurethane injected outsoles and before all, it makes possible to produce bicoloured outsole with mono density machine and one injection. Kali application does not interfere on standard production process. In fact, the application includes the followings:

• Cutting a film part pertinent to the template dimensions.

• Performing pre-heating approximately in 3 seconds at 90° C

• Extracting air with a vacuum machine if necesary

• Injecting PU Compatibility of Kali with the injected polyurethane, makes suitable the product for any production that PU foams should be covered with a protective outer layer. As instance: like production of bicycle seats, motorcycle and sport center equipments. Also, Kali provides an excellent support for additions on upper, waterproof bag and textile architecture in replacing PVC by the help of superior mechanical characteristics and it can be durable against stitching, digital press, serigraphy and radio frequencies. With a paper/plastic carrier or without carrier, it is available between 100 microns to 1000 mm, in the wideness of 1500 mm, in various colours, shiny or matt forms. Kali is a simple idea that makes a great difference.

Mediterranea Plast with extrude films that have high mechanical characteristics

Mediterranea Plast Mediterranea Plast is a division of Industria Chimica Mediterranea that produces extrude films that have high mechanical characteristics, hot melt FILMS, membranes for sportswear in order to affix different supports without solvent. Footwear Thermoplastic elastomer FILMS(TPU) that has high flexibility are specific to the injection producing for outsoles with its outstanding mechanical characteristics. It lends assistance to reduce the out sole weight due to expandable polymers by protecting from contact with its durable structure agaist abrasion and tearing. It makes easier the colouring bottom side of the sole with a mono density template by increasing the hourly production.

• High resistance against abrasion

• Low weight

• Ease in colouring

• Hourly increased production The forms with direct extrusion or paper, the thicknesses between 20-1000 microns are available. Hot melt films EVA or TPU hot melt film that does not contain solvent, environment friendly to affix different supports. With respectul to health and environment paper or polyethylene film, it has in the forms between the thicknesses of 20-10 microns. Boating Water insulated and breathing TPU waterproof membrans, in 1000 microns of thickness specific to the sport and boat industry


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