Neotex - Ürünler
Neotex Chemical Sheet
THICKNESS 0,60 mm       0,80 mm       1,00 mm        1,20 mm        1,40 mm       
TOLERENCE  +/- 0,05 mm +/- 0,05 mm +/- 0,05 mm +/- 0,05 mm +/- 0,05 mm

Neotex Chemical Sheet is a counter material produced throught polyester fabric backing impregnation in styrolic based resins. Neotex Chemical Sheet must be dipped in suitable solvents to be able to reactive the styrolic structure.This processing allows to get adhesion and lasting properties depending on the dipping time.

Neotex Chemical Sheet is especially suitable for high quality for ladies and man shoes.

It shows higher elasticity properties after drying.  


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