Costchem - Ürünler
Fortemide 1630F


Very high quality superpolyamide hot-melt adhesive for lasting operations (mainly for pulling over and lasting machines). 

This product is sold in 4 mm and 4,2 mm diameter road. It gives excellent adhesion to the natural and synthetie materials with out make string during lasting, and also has high flexibility, sets very quickly, and has high heat resistance. The product is completely free from harmfull substances. 

Fortemide 1050G


A hot-melt polyamide adhesive developed for folding-up and beading work with natural and synthetic materials. 

The product is supplied in regular shape granules. 

It has high temperature stability. 

It has good flexibility and contains no toxic ingredients.

Fortester 190F/200F/210F


Quick setting hot-melt copolyester adhesive with different setting time (190F normal 3 sec-200F-quick 2,5 sec- 210F wery quick 2,0 sec) draw and sized in 4 mm diameter rod.

Used in mounting footwear with pulling over and lasting machine. Due to its excelent flexibility this product give minimum stiffening to teh footwear. The product is completely free from toxic ingredients and give a perfect carding. 


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