The Education Hero Of The Kids Of The South


Now, we are giving scholarships to our students from Şanlıurfa, together with Rabve Foundation, that’s name meaning “rising and growing” which we had been the founder of as well. Moreover, we continue our work in order to deliver help to needers anywhere in the world without any exceptions on region, religion, language, race or communion. The number of scholars of our foundation have reached 174, and we have managed to reach 270 schools since 2015 to this very day.

You know what they say, “cast your bread upon the waters.” A businessman from Kayseri, Recep Palamut had casted his bread upon the waters as well… He has turned into the education hero of the kids of the South who have been forced to live under the shade of terrorism. With the Project “Everything for Education” Palamut initiated together with Rabve Foundation of which he is also the founder, he succeeded in reaching 60 thousand students. Palamut was at the primary and secondary schools at Şanlıurfa’s districts Siverek, Hilvan and Suruç with his coworkers. We accompanied Palamut’s education journey while he was donating boots, coats, books and beanies to the needer students as well as having water wells built at schools that didn’t have water. Palamut said: "Who will take care of these regions if it’s not for us? The road to Turkey’s 2023 goals will be through education.” Palamut had told his story to AKŞAM…


Ms. Serpil, who had been the secondary school teacher of my son Ahmet Salih, was sent to Şanlıurfa’s district Suruç for duty. She asked for her old students to collect and send their books which they didn’t read anymore to Suruç. My son told me about the need for those books there. In response I said: “An enterprise can't be carried out successfully with inadequate means, son. Ask your teacher Serpil about what they really need in Suruç.” So, teacher Serpil mentioned about the tough conditions of the region and the needs of the students such as jackets, boots, stationery and so on. Thus, our assistance there has begun. When the incidents in Kobani had started, we went to Suruç as a group of businessmen. Because tent cities has been set up, and there was a need for immediate aid. We brought one or two big rigs of aid to the region with other businessmen. We then initiated this relief works for our Syrian guests who escaped from Kobani and live in the tent city of Suruç. I called Serpil teacher at that time once again and said: “We are in Suruç together with our governor and mayor, is tehre anything your school needs?” She told me that they have 400 students in their school, and that their school is located at the center of Suruç, however unfortunately they didn’t have water in their school. When we realized that some issues were not solved, we opened our first water well in this school. Then we have understood that there is a need for such work in many other schools around this geography as well. That’s when we have started to voluntarily build water wells. In 2.5 years, we opened 27 water wells at the schools of national education. Of course, while doing our work, we get the support of our managers; especially our national education managers,


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