A Fantastic journey in smoky mountains, cool springs and lush geography...


The Black Sea Region has a wonderful natural and cultural wonder beginning from its western side through the middle part up to its eastern side, and also offers magnificent beauties that should definitely be visited at least once in a lifetime. Because, it is symbolize the paradise on earth with the voices of the waterfalls chirping with the brds sounds in the Black Sea, and vast forests where you can see every ton of green color. This beautiful land is ready to bring you into a tranquil atmosphere and unique feelings in all seasons by its sorted springs on the Mountain Ranges, and valleys flowing in curves.

The black sea has many different types of vacation possibilities its unique and delicious cuisine and its music that makes everyone dance and move. Moreover, the black sea presents a nice experience and pleasure with its countless beauties that has to be seen such as the historic caves, the mountains, the spas, the canyons and the rafting areas… without forgetting its fast-growing accommodation facilities in recent years. When you visit the black sea region specially in spring and summer months, you should know the key values that stand out of Ayder Plateau, Uzun Lake, Kaçkar mountain ranges, Sümela Monastery, Ilgaz, Safranbolu, Alacahöyük, Göynük, Küre National Park... and also you should know the beauty of the cities from Kastamonu to Artvin, from Amasya to Trabzon, from Bolu to Samsun and their own culture. But if you are among lovers of the perfect white snow merged with every shade of green, then of course the winter months will offer you unforgettable beauties.


You will understand why Kemençe, mıhlama, anchovy, corn bread, nuts, tea and many more local values are so famous when you go and see it on the spot. We recommend that you reserve at least one week in order to know the taste of the Black Sea. You can easily get information from many vacation and tour agencies in relation to your transportation and accommodation.


One of the most important stops of your travels in the black sea region is Trabzon. The long Lake offers a visual feast to its guests the Sümela monastery takes you on a journey in time. Atatürk Köşkü which is considered one of the favorite places of Trabzon having Renaissance architecture commemorating the Ata, You will be welcomed to a place which combine the history with the tradition in Bedesten which is the only domed covered bazaar of the Ottoman period.



Artvin which is located at the east of the eastern side of the Black Sea offers its guests a completely different world with the majestic mountains extending from the earth to the chest and turquoise color. Soon Şavşat will hold the Turkey’s tenth calm city title which was achieved by fulfilling the criterion above 70.It has begun to attract attention with its nature as far as history because of the rule of various civilizations throughout history.



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