Acquiring 65 Million TL Turnover From Trade for Foot

One of the biggest 'material provisioners' in Turkish shoe industry, Palamut Group has acquired 65 million TL turnover in last year. Still being the Turkey Distributor of the goods that he imports from the 5 countries, Recep Palamut, who also started to export the stated goods into Balkan and Middle East countries, states that they had entered into a different sector. Stating that they had bought the domestic ERP software company CPM, Palamut emphasizes that they will be joining into Iran markets by developing Farsi softwares with this company which performs sales to more than 500 companies. Recep Palamut narrates his own story as thus:


We are actually from Kayseri, Develi county. However, I was born in Istanbul in 1970. I am coming from a merchant family but I've never had a partnership with my father, who had been selling shoe materials in Gedikpaşa with my two uncles. Our goals concerning commerce were never the same but I am always grateful for their indirect contribution, which is the business understanding that I had acquired when I was young. Now I can realize how it's important to develop your own business alone. When I was studying in high school(Pertevniyal), I started to sell English learning sets in Tophane. I also sold socks, sugars and walkmans in Sultanahmet. I tried to get into University, but I could not make it in the exams. Hence, I went into the army to complete my military duty. Subsequently, I got into business by selling shoe leathers in Gedikpaşa.


When I was selling leathers to shoe manufacturers, I had an offer to open a shoe materials store in Skopje, Macedonia. I went there in 1998 and opened my store, and that's how I got into the whole retails in the shoe materials business. I got many distributorships from companies of Europe and Far East. Then, we left the genuine leather business and got into artificial leather business. In China, we established a R&D team of 10 persons for purchases. And now, we have 40 staff in Turkey, 10 in Macedonia and 10 in China; in total, a staff of 60 personnel. We have acquired 65 millions of TL turnover in 2015. We always have been importers but we are growing in the exporting field too. We are exporting our goods into Balkan and Middle East countries. Our exportations have acquired the %10 percent of our total turnovers. Our distributors entrust the market responsibility of many countries into our hands.


Palamut Group Chairman Recep Palamut stated that they had been working in long term market conditions as a provisioner of whole materials in shoe industry, and by this reason they had been planning a retail investment. Palamut states "As long as humans born with 2 legs, we will maintain our shoe business. Now, we might get into the retailing. We are looking for a foreign shoes brand in particular. We are waiting for an opportunity in this matter."


Recep Palamut speaks thus: "4 years ago, our friends told us to purchase a software program which can keep pace with our company's growth. We came across with the CPM. We bought the program and started using it. In January 2015, our friend who had applied the program into our company told us that CPM's shareholder had been selling his share. And then we performed a feasibility and bought the %60 company's share in March 2015. This business has a bright future. Our opponent is a global company but our advantage is our capability of developing special solutions according to the customer's needs. In CPM's central office, we have a staff consisting of 100 persons, and we have customers counting to 500 and more, from sectors of industry, service, finance and trade. Our main target is Iran market and we are developing a Farsi program in order to accomplish our goal, and we know the ERP necessity in the market.


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